If you are planning to go for a deep dental cleaning at the dentist, you must have a lot of questions running through your mind, right? Well, amongst those myths and facts, we are here to talk about sore teeth after cleaning. Yes, your teeth may hurt a little after cleaning, but there is a reason for it.

Why Do Your Teeth Hurt After A Cleaning Session By the Dentist?

Deep dental cleaning has two steps, scaling and root planing. You must know that the entire process is not painful at all. The dentists use the ultrasonic device for scaling to scrape off plaque and tartar from the edges where the gum meets the teeth. This process may apply a certain amount of pressure on your teeth, leading to pain in your teeth after cleaning.

Teeth Pain and Sensitivity after Cleaning Session

The teeth sensitivity you feel after a deep dental cleaning is normal because it takes time for your gums to heal from the damage by tartar. The buildup was several months or even years, so it will take time for your gum tissues to adjust to the new normal.

After cleaning, the gums will go loose around the teeth’ edge, which will lead to cold sensitivity. Once they heal and tighten, the sensitivity problem after teeth cleaning will disappear. However, the whole process is not that fast, and your tissues will take their due time to recover, which may take weeks.

Expect the time span to take a while longer if there is a significant level of tartar buildup over the gum line and below it. You will have sore teeth after cleaning, too, but that’s a given with the severity level.

How Can Your Teeth Not Hurt After Deep Cleaning?

  1. The easiest way of stopping your teeth from hurting after a cleaning session is not to let tartar buildup so badly on the edges of your tooth. If the gum recession is less, the technique would be less invasive (comparatively) and, thus, less pain.
  2. Set up routine dental cleaning sessions. The dentists suggest getting teeth cleaned every quarterly and, if not, then twice a year. The lesser the gap, the lesser would be the tartar buildup.
  3. Never miss your appointments; if you let loose, the bacteria will have time to build tartar, and teeth will hurt more after cleaning.
  4. A proper oral hygiene regime goes a long way. Brushing and flossing at least two times a day will help your teeth end up with less tartar. It is easy to sway plaque as it is soft and brushes off easily, whereas tartar is not; it’s hard and calcified, which shows no response to brushing.

Tips to Deal with Teeth Sensitivity

  1. Use toothpaste made to deal with sensitivity.
  2. Rigorous brushing does not help; try slow circular stroking for better cleaning.
  3. Use a fluoride mouth rinse to support teeth enamel.

Final Words

Do not stray away from dental cleaning, yes, it will hurt for some time, but things eventually fall into place. The best way to not let plaque convert into tartar is to get regular sessions. Why don’t you have a look at the best teeth cleaning services in Humble, TX, from Lone Star Dental? Call 281-233-0333 for more information.

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