An estimated 75% of the American adult population experience some fear when they’re about to visit a dentist. About 10% of them have fears so strong that they are considered to have dental phobia. With sedation dentistry, however, you no longer need to fear dental appointments. Here are some benefits to undergoing dental care while sedated:

    1. You feel no pain

During a procedure, the dentist is bound to probe and prod the teeth and gums. This is quite painful but while under sedation, the brain does not register the pain.

    1. You have no memory of the treatment

Most people fear dental treatments because they have a bad memory from a past appointment. With sedation dentistry, in addition to not feeling any pain, you also form no memory.

    1. Relief from anxiety

The knowledge that they will feel no pain nor have recollections is enough to calm most people down. Also, if you have undergone treatment while sedated in the past, you no longer feel anxious before/during a dental appointment.

    1. No Gag Reflex

During a treatment, the dentist may need to work close to your throat and those spasms your body make do to gag reflex will make that difficult (and dangerous). Under sedation, there is no gag reflex.

    1. The dentist works more efficiently

Since the patient is not moving around so much, not groaning with every touch, and not shaking constantly from gag reflex, the dentist can work quicker and more efficiently. Treatments that usually take multiple visits can be completed within hours.

Residents of Texas that want to enjoy the benefits above can experience sedation dentistry at the Lonestar Dental Center. We have locations all over the state and you can call 281-233-0333 to make an appointment immediately.

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