Do you have a mouth full of silver-colored tooth fillings? If so, then you are probably a patient of a certain age. These fillings were very popular in the past because they offer high durability- specifically at a low cost. However, dentists now recommend other filling materials. They can also easily remove amalgam fillings and replace them with composite resin or porcelain. Here are the top reasons to remove amalgam fillings.

1-  Remove Potentially Harmful Materials

Amalgam is made up of several different materials- including mercury. Mercury can be dangerous to your health. While scientists are still researching its full effect, it is best to remove these fillings and stick to non-toxic materials.

2- Upgrade to a Newer Type of Filling

Filling technology has improved over the years. When you remove amalgam fillings, you can replace them with newer materials. These materials are stronger, more durable, and simply better options overall.

3- Ditch the Visible Metal

Metal fillings are visible in a person’s teeth, whereas compost resin is tooth-colored. If you replace your metal fillings, then you will enjoy a more subtle look. No more dark metal spots when you smile!

4- Strengthen Your Tooth

Composite resin bonds directly to the surface of the teeth. This means that, unlike metal fillings, composite fillings actually strengthen the tooth. This one simple fix can improve your oral health.

5- Feel More Comfortable

Metal fillings react to temperature changes. This can cause sensitivity when eating or drinking. The metal can also expand or shrink when exposed to temperature changes, which can lead to cracks. Replace metal fillings for a more comfortable- and durable- option.

Ready For New Fillings?

Lonestar Dental can help. We offer gentle and effective cavity care- whether you have a new cavity or a decades-old filling. The result is a healthy smile that you will be proud of. Request your appointment today by clicking the link above.

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