Are dental implants the right option for you? While implants can be helpful, some patients do better with other types of devices. Plus, not everyone wants the extensive surgery needed to place implants. Below, we’ll share some alternatives to dental implants that might be a better fit for you.

Why Consider Alternatives to Dental Implants?

Lots of people are interested in alternatives to dental implants. Firstly, implants can be expensive. They also require a complex oral surgery, which not all patients will want to go through. Some patients might also have health issues that prevent them from getting implants. For instance, if your jaw bones are not strong enough to support implants, then it’s best to choose a different option.

Alternatives To Dental Implants

The best alternative will depend on which oral health problems you are facing. For some patients, a root canal can fix damage inside the tooth. A crown can then be fitted over the root canal site in order to repair the tooth without an implant. Dental bridges are another popular alternative. They secure to other teeth in the mouth, which means they provide a strong surface without implants.

What About Dentures?

Dentures might be your first thought when considering alternatives to dental implants. In fact, fixed dentures are secured to the mouth using implants. However, removable dentures can be used without any oral surgeries at all.

While removable dentures are great, they might not be the best choice for patients with more complex damage. They can collect food debris and lead to tooth decay if you are not careful. Plus, many patients prefer a more secure option. Nevertheless, removable dentures are an option that works for some patients who are looking for a quick fix without surgery.

Which Option Is Best For You?

Still not sure which option is best for your smile? The Lonestar Dental team can help. We will evaluate your overall health, budget, and dental goals in order to find the best solution. With plenty of options available, we have something that fits every patient’s needs. Call us today to learn how to get your smile back- with or without dental implants.

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