Caring for braces should be a big part of your orthodontic routine. If your braces are not cared for correctly, then they will not be able to do their job properly. Fortunately, it is easy to care for your brackets. In this article, we’ll help you choose the right toothbrush for braces so you can keep your mouth clean throughout your treatment.

Does My Toothbrush Really Matter?

Brushing your teeth daily is so important- regardless of the toothbrush you use. However, the right toothbrush can help you get a deep clean. Brushing incorrectly might lead to cavities or a plaque buildup. Luckily, it is easy to find a brush that can properly clean your brackets.

Features To Look For

Choose soft-bristle toothbrushes with rounded nylon bristles. These bristles are designed to dislodge food and remove debris from your baskets and arch wire. A brush with a wide handle can also make it easier to clean your back teeth, as well as the rings placed around your molars.

Electric Vs. Manual Brush

Patients can use either a manual or electric toothbrush for braces. The choice is really up to you. Manual brushes are small, easy to find, and very affordable. However, many patients find electric brushes clean their teeth better. These brushes often have timers so that patients know they’re brushing long enough. They also have smaller brush heads that can easily clean around brackets.

Don’t Forget the Floss!

Your toothbrush is just one part of your oral care routine. Get high-quality dental floss and toothpaste to round out the set. Many patients use mouthwash as well. Using these products together is the best way to destroy bacteria, clean braces, and keep breath fresh.

Talk To Your Dentist

If you have questions about your toothbrush, then talk to your dentist. Your dentist will not only clean your teeth, but can also give you advice on products to use at home. This is the best way to be sure your teeth are healthy. To schedule your dental appointment today, call 281-233-0333.

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