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Years ago, straightening crooked teeth meant getting a mouth full of metal braces, dealing with wires, rubber bands and living through months of sore teeth and soft tissues. Fast forward to dentistry in the 21st century. Orthodontic 77338 procedures have changed dramatically and in many situations the metal is no longer required to get the … Continue reading “Orthodontic 77338 Procedures are Faster Today Than Ever”

Whether you just moved into the area, it’s been awhile since you’ve been to the dentist, or you’re looking for a new professional, you’ll definitely want to know what to look for to find a top-quality dentist in Humble. Here are a few things to consider before you book an appointment with a new dentist. … Continue reading “Top Things To Look for in a Dentist in Humble”

At Lone Star Dental Center, our commitment to providing quality, affordable dental care includes an emphasis on prevention. We believe a proactive approach to oral health with your dentist 77338 is the best path to a beautiful smile, beginning with regular checkups and teeth cleaning. Combined with regular brushing and flossing at home, a dentist … Continue reading “3 Benefits of Teeth Cleaning at the Dentist 77338”

If you are at risk for us tooth decay or periodontal disease or both, your dentist will likely elect to use x-rays as a primary method for diagnosing any problems you may have. The dentist will be looking for signs of these diseases not visible with an ordinary visual inspection.   When thinking about dental … Continue reading “Are Dental X-rays Safe?”

Sometimes, conditions arise that indicate your child may need oral sedation, also known as dental sedation. These situations could include a long and complicated dental procedure or, in some cases, a nervous or anxious child which makes completing a dental procedure difficult. There are several dental sedation methods, so if it has been recommended that … Continue reading “Talk to Your Family Dentist in Humble About Dental Sedation for Your Child”

Since we were young, we have all heard about plaque. When our parents wanted us to brush, they mentioned plaque. Television ads told us to avoid plaque, our dentists suggested we had too much plaque, and we saw the words ‘removes plaque’ on the sides of toothpaste tubes. We knew it was bad and that … Continue reading “Plaque: What Is It and How Can Your Dentist in Humble Help?”

You may have wondered whether a power toothbrush is more effective at removing plaque than a manual brush. And, you might ask yourself, are power brushes safe for children and are they worth the extra cost? Briefly, recent research studies have shown that power toothbrushes remove more plaque than their manual equivalent, and they are … Continue reading “Is a Power Toothbrush Right for Me?”

People are often not aware that good dental health is closely linked or can be closely linked to overall personal health. The Mayo clinic has found that problems in your mouth may be associated with or contribute to other problems in your body. Because of this association, it makes it all the more important for … Continue reading “Work With Your Dentist for the Very Best Dental Care”

School has already started or will be starting soon, so it’s time for all the back-to-school activities. One of the most important items that should be on your list, but is sometimes overlooked, is your child’s back to school dental check up. If you haven’t already you should schedule a visit for you and your … Continue reading “Time For Back To School Appointments With Your Dentist In Humble”

When you are choosing the right dentist for you, it is important to consider all safety and health practices. One thing that will help you feel more at ease with visiting the dentist is knowing how they sterilize their equipment. The American Dental Association (ADA) has strict rules and regulations for sterilization and disinfection of … Continue reading “How Does the Dentist in Humble Sterilize Their Equipment?”

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