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School has already started or will be starting soon, so it’s time for all the back-to-school activities. One of the most important items that should be on your list, but is sometimes overlooked, is your child’s back to school dental check up. If you haven’t already you should schedule a visit for you and your … Continue reading “Time For Back To School Appointments With Your Dentist In Humble”

When you are choosing the right dentist for you, it is important to consider all safety and health practices. One thing that will help you feel more at ease with visiting the dentist is knowing how they sterilize their equipment. The American Dental Association (ADA) has strict rules and regulations for sterilization and disinfection of … Continue reading “How Does the Dentist in Humble Sterilize Their Equipment?”

Going to the dentist is sometimes a stressful affair but talking to your dentist shouldn’t be! During your routine checkup, it is always a good idea to bring up concerns and questions for the dentist. Some of those questions could be about cavities or tooth pain, but others could be about something called an overbite. … Continue reading “Talking to Your Dentist 77338 About an Overbite”

There was a time when metal was the only choice for filling cavities. Silver amalgam has been used for over one hundred sixty years as the mainstay filling material, particularly for back teeth. In the ‘60s, a new player came on the scene. White composite fillings were all the rage; however, they couldn’t hold up … Continue reading “The Advantage of Metal-Free Crowns & Fillings at the Dentist in Humble, TX”

There have been so many innovations in the orthodontic field where straightening teeth are concerned, that even older adults are looking into braces these days. For many people, the process of getting nicely aligned teeth is far different from the way it was years ago. With the variety of methods available nowadays, parents wonder how … Continue reading “At What Age Should I See an Orthodontist In Humble, TX”

Have you ever asked yourself, “What are the best services to look for in a dentist near me?” Look no further! Here is a complete list of services your local family dentist should offer. A focus on total health is crucial when choosing the right dentist near you, in addition to a wide array of … Continue reading “Services to Look for in a Dentist Near Me”

Finding a good dentist is like finding a needle in a haystack, but finding a great orthodontist is even harder! Look no further than the orthodontist in Humble, TX. Orthodontists specialize in teeth straightening. Often times, people see an orthodontist to receive braces or fix gaps between their teeth. You can also see an orthodontist … Continue reading “The Best Qualities to Look for in an Orthodontist in Humble, TX”

Everyone can agree that having a great smile is crucial! So, why does going to the family dentist always invoke frowns? Fortunately, Lone Star Dental in Humble, TX can offer four reasons to smile! Not only are all of our dental services in-house, we also offer special offers so you don’t need insurance in order … Continue reading “Four Reasons to Smile with the Family Dentist, Humble, TX”

As a kid, going to the dentist used to instill fear. The sound of drills echoed in your mind as you walked in the front door. Or your parents were concerned about the high costs. But today, going to the dentist can be relaxing and even enjoyable and affordable. Here are 5 reasons why going … Continue reading “Why Going to the Dentist Isn’t So Bad Anymore”

Are you looking for a quality dentist in Humble, TX? It can be difficult to know which dental practice to choose for your family. Often people do not find out they chose the wrong dentist until it is too late. Before you schedule your first appointment, here are six things you should look for when … Continue reading “6 Things to Look for in a Dentist in Humble, TX”

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