Are you dealing with more headaches than usual? There are a lot of health problems that can lead to head pain. However, dental problems might also be the culprit. For instance, cavities can lead to headaches if they are left untreated. Learn how cavities- and other oral issues- can cause head pain below. We will also tell you when to see a dentist about these problems.


Can Cavities Cause Headaches?

Cavities generally do not cause headaches. In fact, mild and moderate cavities might not have symptoms at all. However, more advanced tooth decay can cause pain. This might be a pain in the tooth or jaw area. It might also be pain that radiates to your head. If you think a cavity is causing your headache, then call a dentist. There is a chance that you have a cavity that needs prompt treatment.


Other Signs of Advanced Tooth Decay

Headaches aren’t the only symptom of severe tooth decay. Discoloration and spots on the teeth are common symptoms. You might also notice gum changes, extra tooth sensitivity, and/or holes in the teeth. If you have any of these symptoms, then it is important to see a dentist ASAP. Advanced tooth decay needs immediate dental care.

More Dental Problems that Cause Headaches

While cavities can cause headaches, this is rare for most patients. However, other oral issues are more likely to cause headaches. Tooth grinding or clenching are common culprits. General tooth sensitivity can also radiate to your head. Regardless of your symptoms, have a dentist examine your mouth for a diagnosis.


Cavity Treatment and More in Humble, TX

Lonestar Dental is here to help your mouth stay as healthy as possible. Whether you have a cavity, a TMJ disorder, or another oral health condition, we can help. Call us today to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning.

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