Do you struggle with dental anxiety? While this is a common problem, it is often embarrassing to talk about. Many adults feel silly admitting that they are afraid of the dentist. However, this anxiety can cause real problems. Some people avoid seeing the dentist due to fear. This can have huge health consequences. Below are some strategies to help you deal with dental anxiety.

Learn About Your Procedure

Knowledge is power. While this is a cliche, it’s often repeated because it is true. Learning about your dental procedure is important. Knowing what will happen in the dentist’s chair will help you know what to expect. Research your dental procedure online and learn more about it. Also, try talking to friends who have had similar experiences. Feeling informed will reduce the fear of the unknown.

Ask Questions Beforehand

Your dentist wants you to be comfortable during your procedure. Therefore, they will be happy to answer any of your questions. While you research your procedure, write down anything you are worried about. Make a list of questions for your dentist. Bring this list to your dental consultation. This way, you can ask questions during an appointment where no procedure will take place.

Consider Sedation

If researching and asking questions aren’t easing your fears, then you might want to consider medication. Dental sedation is a great option for nervous patients. There are different types of sedation available. While some will completely put you to sleep, others will simply ease your nerves. Ask your dentist to help you choose the right type of sedation for your procedure.

Caring Dentistry in Humble, TX

At Lonestar Dental, we understand dental anxiety. Our caring staff members will walk you through your procedure before any dental tools are involved. They will also talk to you about sedation options that might help you relax. This way, you can have as peaceful an appointment as possible. Don’t let your fears stop you from getting quality dental care. Call us at 281-233-0333 to learn how we can help.

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