Parents are all aware of the bodily changes that happen when their children become teens, but many are unaware of the dental changes that happen during adolescence. As we grow, our oral care needs change. Keep reading to learn about the unique dental issues teens should know about.

Adult Smile Beginning to Take Shape

As your child enters their teens, their adult teeth should all be either in place. By the age of 12, your child will have most likely lost all of their baby teeth and their 12-year molars should be in place or growing in. This is a great time to check with the dentist and make sure all of their new adult teeth look healthy and are growing properly.

Is it Time for Braces?

The early teen and pre-teen years are a great time for an orthodontic consultation. As the adult teeth come in, dental professionals will be able to check for alignment issues and talk about whether braces will be needed in the future.

Dietary Changes and Cavity Prevention

As your kids grow, they will have more control over their diet. Make sure they are aware of proper oral care so cavities can be prevented. Sugary foods and drinks are fine in moderation, but regular dental cleanings are necessary to remove the plaque that this sugar can cause.

Dental Checkups and Cleanings for Teens

The best way to help your teen maintain their oral health is to make sure they are regularly seeing their dentist. During a routine checkup and cleaning, your child’s dentist will be able to check for cavities, answer oral health questions, and professionally clean and polish your child’s teeth. To schedule an appointment today, call Lonestar Dental Center at 281-233-0333.

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