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Denture Delivery (Complete Denture or Partial Denture)

Congratulations on your new dentures. You should be excited about a better smile and function as you use your dentures. However please pay attention to these instructions:

New Appliance: If this is your first denture, your mouth may take a few days to get adjusted to the presence of an appliance. Your tongue and cheek tissues will get used to the presence of the dentures in your mouth.

Replacement Dentures: If you had dentures before and are getting them replaced, the new dentures may feel different fit, polish, shape and texture. It is impossible to make the dentures exactly similar to your other dentures.

Speech: Speech may be affected for a few days but as you wear your dentures, it returns to normal.

Denture soreness: As you adjust into your new denture, you may notice some areas of soreness. If soreness doesn’t resolve in 2 days, your denture may need adjustments. Most dentures will need 2-3 adjustments before fully comfortable. Please call our office if a sore sport has lasted more than 2 days.

 Bite adjustment: We will try our best to make sure your bite is even when you leave. However, occasionally the bite may need to be adjusted further. If you feel your bite is not even or it hurts to chew, call us immediately so we can schedule you for bite adjustment.

Denture Care: We have included a denture care packet with your new dentures. Please follow the instructions in the packet for your routine denture care. As a general rule, leave your dentures out at night unless instructed otherwise by your dentist.

Importance of Improved home dental care: For partial dentures, it is extremely important to maintain great home dental hygiene to avoid cavities on the teeth that support your partials. Food typically gets trapped under partials and can cause cavities on adjacent teeth. After every meal, remove your partials and rinse your mouth and denture. If possible, brush your teeth. At night, take your partials out and follow a meticulous home care routine to ensure no food residue remains on your teeth.

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