If you are planning to visit the dentist to receive a dental crown for tooth damage, decay, or cosmetic flaws, know that the process may take two different visits to Lonestar Dental Center and may involve wearing a temporary dental crown. You can’t treat a temporary dental crown as you would a normal tooth, as it requires special consideration to prevent damage.


One of the first steps in placing a dental crown is to form the tooth into an abutment by removing its enamel layer. This new shape allows the tooth to support the permanent dental crown when it is cemented in place. It often takes the dental lab a few weeks to create a new dental crown, and you may need to wear a temporary piece that covers the abutment tooth until your crown is ready.

Since the main purpose of a temporary crown is to prevent bacteria from affecting the abutment, it is not made with the same custom shape or stability as your final crown and can come loose if not treated well. Don’t use the crown for more than small bites of soft food, and avoid any excess chewing or eating crunchy and hard food. If the crown falls out, the abutment can also become damaged or infected.

Your regular oral care routine of brushing and flossing can be performed on the crown as long as you are careful. Use a waxed dental floss that easily navigates the areas around the crown without any unnecessary force that could knock the crown off.

If you would like to learn more about temporary dental crowns in Humble, Texas, contact our office at 281-233-0333 today for a visit with our dentist, Dr. Ahmad J Akram.

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