Do you feel parched all the time lately after getting your aligners? Don’t worry; dry mouth with Invisalign is a common occurrence, so in this blog, we have discussed some common measures that can make a huge difference in providing comfort.

Dry Mouth After Using Invisalign – Why Does It Happen?

Invisalign clear aligners are made using medical-grade plastic and are designed to be donned most of the day and all night long, too, in some cases. Initially, your gums will feel irritated due to the presence of aligners, consequently reducing saliva production and, eventually, a dry mouth.

How to Deal With Dry Mouth Due To Invisalign?

Start off with the obvious approach and increase the intake of water.

Drink Plenty of Water

Do you have a dry mouth? Drink water! It is a simple yet the most effective technique to get rid of the issue. Drinking more water throughout the day keeps your mouth moist and eliminates discomfort.

However, you must take note to avoid beverages that can worsen dry mouth. In this category, drinks that contain sugar, caffeine, or alcohol take the top spot. If you are not fond of drinking more water, try sucking on ice cubes. It will not only help with dry mouth but also provide relief from Invisalign-related discomfort.

Properly Clean Invisalign

Only relying on a good oral hygiene regime is not sufficient. You must, along with your teeth, also properly clean the Invisalign trays, as does play a vital role in preventing dry mouth. Follow these simple tips for maintenance.

  1. Rinse your trays every time when you take them out so that saliva does not dry on them.
  2. Always brush your clear aligners using mild soap or non-abrasive toothpaste every night.
  3. Consider getting a specialized Invisalign cleaning crystal kit for thorough cleaning.

Sugar-Free Mints or Dry Mouth Rinse

Hydration is crucial to stay away from dry mouth and halitosis due to that. With sugar-free mints, you can solve two problems in one solution.

Brush Your Tongue

You may not know this, but your mouth houses more than 700 bacterial species, and most are found on your tongue. Combatting bad breath caused due Invisalign-related dry mouth is easier when you pay attention to your tongue.

Brush your teeth at least two times a day, focusing on the back of your mouth. Brushing your tongue on a regular basis helps prevent bacterial accumulation, keeping your breath fresh and pleasant.

Invest In a Humidifier

If you are experiencing dry mouth not only with Invisalign on but also in other situations, getting a humidifier can be a major game-changer for the situation.

What a humidifier does is increases the moisture in the air, benefiting not only your mouth but also your skin, sinuses, and overall health.

Closing Note

You can always contact dental care experts from Lone Star Dental to help you with Invisalign and associated issues. Let our team take the lead and help you. Connect with us via call at (281) 233-0333 for more information on this matter.

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