our teeth are an essential aspect of your life. In fact, you need your teeth to talk and chew food properly. That is why keeping them protected is a critical need for our lives. Fluoride is a useful tool to help protect your teeth and your oral health because it is known to strengthen tooth enamel.

Our dentist, Dr. Ahmad J Akram, is happy to help you take care of your oral health. In addition, our team at Lonestar Dental Center is excited to share some information with you on how fluoride can help protect your teeth:

– Fluoride is available through many public water supplies to help residents achieve adequate fluoride levels.
– Fluoride is beneficial for your teeth, so it is included in several different types of cleaning utensils, including mouthwash and toothpaste.
– Children and adults can both benefit from fluoride, although it is not recommended for infants.
– Fluoride can help prevent dental damage by protecting tooth enamel from acids that would seek to eat through it.
– Mouthwash has been shown to enhance your teeth and provide an additional layer of protection against dental erosion and cavities.
– Fluoride naturally occurs in bodies of water throughout the world.

If you need additional help with your teeth, or if you want to set up your appointment for a fluoride treatment in Humble, Texas, please call us today at 281-233-0333. Our team of professionals are always happy to help you with your oral health care and smile.

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