How long does it take you to get through a tube of toothpaste? If you are careful with your usage, then a single tube can last for a long time. But while it’s good to save resources, is your product at risk of expiring? Get the facts below.

How Long Does Toothpaste Last?

Generally speaking, you can count on a tube of paste lasting for about two years. However, this will vary slightly depending on the brand and active ingredients. Nearly all paste contains a preservative that extends its shelf life. This should give you some peace of mind if you have had your tube for a while.

Is Expired Toothpaste Dangerous?

Expired toothpaste generally isn’t dangerous. However, it will probably not be as effective as the fresh stuff. While old products might keep your mouth minty-fresh, it might not be effectively cleaning away bacteria. It is important to replace old paste so that the cavity-fighting benefits stay strong.

Signs You Need New Toothpaste

The easiest way to see if you need new toothpaste is to check your old tube for an expiration date. These are usually printed at the end of the tube, along the top portion of the packaging. You should also replace paste tubes that have holes, tears, or other types of physical damage.

Want to Make Your Toothpaste Last Longer?

Not everyone can go years without replacing their paste. Some people go through a tube pretty quickly. If this is you, then try using a little less paste. You only need a pea-sized amount to effectively clean your whole mouth! You can also purchase a plastic toothpaste squeezer to help you get every last drop out of the tube.

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