Invisalign is an easy way to get your dream smile. However, these aligners require proper care in order to work their best. Cleaning your aligners will protect your teeth from decay and also help the trays maintain their clear, subtle look. Read on to learn how to clean Invisalign.

How To Clean Invisalign

Cleaning Invisalign is really easy. You need to soak your aligners in a cleaning solution for about 15 minutes each day. You also need to rinse the trays after you remove them. It’s really that easy! Of course, it is important to use the right supplies and also to be gentle with your aligners during this process. While this can take some getting used to, the actual cleaning is very simple.

Getting The Right Supplies

Invisalign sells their own cleaning product which is designed especially for their aligners. Cleaning solutions designed for retainers are also a popular option. Do not use toothpaste, scented soaps, or hot water on your aligners. Also avoid hard-bristled toothbrushes. Your dentist or orthodontist can help you choose the right supplies.

Don’t Forget Your Teeth!

It’s important to know how to clean Invisalign. However, it is also important to clean your teeth correctly! This will keep your teeth healthy and also help to freshen breath while wearing aligners. It will also prevent cavities, which are not fun to deal with during your orthodontic treatment. Always remove your Invisalign before brushing your teeth. Be sure to brush and floss daily and also keep up your regular dental cleanings.

Not Sure If You’re Doing It Right?

It can be challenging to learn how to clean new devices. If you need some help, then talk to your dentist. They can make sure your aligners are being cleaned correctly. Of course, they can also check your overall oral health. This will ensure that your smile looks great- and feels great too!

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