After your wisdom tooth removal, your oral surgeon will give you tools to stay comfortable. But even if your pain is under control, sleeping can still be a challenge. Getting a good night’s rest is very important as you recover from a procedure like this. In this article, we’ll give you our top tips on how to sleep after a wisdom tooth removal.

Staying Comfortable During The Day

Resting during the day is just as important as resting at night. Take pain medicine as directed, use a cold compress to reduce swelling, and try to relax as much as you can. This will help you not only recover quickly, but also to stay comfortable into the night.

How to Sleep After Wisdom Tooth Removal

After your extraction, be sure not to sleep on your side. This can put pressure on the surgery site. Instead, try to sleep on your back with your head elevated above your heart. Also, be sure to remove everything from your mouth before sleeping. While gauze is great during recovery, it should not be left in your mouth while you sleep.

Managing Your Pain

Your oral surgeon will make sure you have pain medication after your wisdom tooth removal. Take this as directed, and also tell your dentist if you have any issues with the medication. Managing your pain will also help you get the quality rest you need. If you have issues with pain at night, then talk to your surgeon. They can recommend medicine to help you get your rest.

Preventing Dry Sockets

Sleeping should become much easier as you recover. But complications like dry sockets can delay this process. Make sure to avoid straws and smoking, as well as any foods that could irritate your mouth. Your oral surgeon will also give you more tips on preventing dry sockets, so be sure to ask if you have questions.

Need More Information?

Still not sure how to sleep after your wisdom tooth removal? Lonestar Dental can help. We can schedule your wisdom tooth removal, give you recovery tips, and answer any questions you have. Call us to learn more, or book your appointment online today.

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