There are 2 major orthodontic devices used to correct misaligned teeth: braces and Invisalign (a type of clear aligner). If you are looking to improve your smile and you can’t decide between them, here is how they measure up to one another:


Once braces are fixed, only a dentist can remove them. This causes some discomfort as the wearer has to eat and brush with the metal wires and brackets firmly fixed in their mouth.

Invisalign is more comfortable to wear and it is removable, meaning it can be taken off whenever the wearer wants.


Braces are quite ungainly and they do not look attractive. They are easily noticeable and sometimes, food items get caught in the metal wires.

Invisalign is clear and almost invisible, and people can hardly tell when someone is wearing clear aligners. Since they are removable, wearers can take them off to eat, brush, or floss.


Invisalign is more effective than braces to straighten misaligned teeth; taking 18 months against braces’ 3 to 5 years. However, braces are more effective for severely deformed teeth.


Metal braces often scratch the gums and inside the mouth, increasing the risk of cavities and gum disease. Since they have no sharp edges or protruding parts, clear aligners are safer.


The difference in price between braces and Invisalign is quite marginal. For more information about cost, talk to a dentist; they are in a better position to give you estimates on how much it will cost to get either Invisalign or braces.

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