Cavities are quite common because of bad oral habits in adults and children. This decay happens in stages, not at once, so you can save the tooth. But is it possible to reverse a cavity?

Since cavity formation is a permanent process, the short answer is no. You cannot reverse a cavity once it appears on the tooth. However, reversal is somewhat possible in the early stage 1 of cavities.

Can You Reverse A Cavity – Early Stage 1 Cavity

Well, you can, in a way, reverse or remineralize early cavity during stage 1. This is because the deterioration is in the outer layer only.

Tooth decay can be reversed only when it has not formed a hole and is still on the surface. The good news is that you can reverse a cavity at home at this stage.

The first step is to make a proper oral hygiene regime to ensure dental plaque removal is appropriate.

You can reverse a cavity by remineralization with fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. The process is not that difficult, and the product is readily available.

Moreover, less use of processed carbs and increased intake of fresh fruits plus veggies for internal strength are essential to fight bacteria.

What is Enamel Regeneration?

Teeth, unlike bones, cannot heal on their own. You cannot reverse a cavity that passes the early stage 1, i.e., from the enamel. After progression, your dentist will choose other methods of restoration.

A pit or cavity inside the tooth cannot be reversed since the enamel canโ€™t grow back on its own. Moreover, if it is left untreated, it can gradually worsen and form a bacterial infection inside the tooth structure.

7 Easy Tricks to Stop Cavity from Spreading

There is no way to reverse back a deep-seated cavity, but you can practice some methods to stop it from further damage.

  • Choosing a clean diet โ€“ you cannot really straight go for cutting every source of sugar from your diet at once. Therefore, the best strategy is to limit the intake. This means that less sugar results in less reaction, i.e., less deterioration.
  • Treatment for xerostomia โ€“ dry mouth or xerostomia causes acid build-up on the teeth surface (enamel) due to less fluid to wash them away.
  • Fluoride treatment for remineralization.
  • Reverse dehydration with ample fluids.
  • Take regular supplementation to help the body with essential minerals.
  • An oral hygiene routine that includes brush and floss.
  • Staying away from acidic food.

Final Words

Keep up with your dental appointments to help in the early detection of the cavity so that there is no problem in restoration and saving it from further damage. Call the dentists from Lone Star Dental today for help. Dial (281) 233-0333 to set an appointment.

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