Parents with children between the ages of 6 and 13 often struggle to get them interested in dental care; kids avoid toothbrushes and flosses like the plague. Ironically, all they want to eat are sweets and junk food; things that put their delicate teeth and gums at even more risk. A good solution to this problem is to make dental care fun for your kids, here’s how to do that:

Brush and floss with your kids

Children love to mirror the actions of their parents. Take them along when you’re going to brush and have them mimic you. Show them the right brushing techniques, how to brush their tongues, and how to floss. You can make the activity even livelier by humming a few tunes and having your kid hum along with you.

Get them specially-designed toothbrushes and flavored toothpaste

Kids get distracted easily and to keep their attention, you need to do things that interest them. Instead of the usual plain and boring toothbrush, get them Spiderman or Barbie-themed toothbrushes. Rather than the mint toothpaste you use, get the vanilla or strawberry-flavored ones for them.

Take them to the dentist while they are still young

Dental checkups have been misrepresented as something scary; nothing could be farther from the truth. To help your child get above the irrational fear that some people live with for most of their lives, take them to a dentist at a young age. The regular checkups will be great for their dental health and when they get older, it will be part of their lives.

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