Braces are a fantastic way to change the look of your smile. However, braces can also make it hard to keep your teeth clean. A dentist will be able to help. Your dentist can teach you the right way to clean around your braces. They can also check your teeth for signs of decay. Below, we will explore how dentists can help you manage poor oral hygiene with braces.

Why Are Braces So Hard to Keep Clean?

When you have braces, you have a barrier that exists between you and your teeth. Since you cannot directly touch your teeth, it can be very difficult to get the teeth completely clean. The braces themselves can also collect food debris. This means that teeth with braces will need more attention in order to avoid tooth decay.

Signs of Tooth Decay

A lot of patients don’t know that they have tooth decay. This is because mild decay usually does not cause any symptoms. However, more advanced decay can be very uncomfortable. It causes tooth sensitivity and sometimes sharp pain. Sometimes decay can also cause discoloration.

How a Dentist Can Help

If you have braces, then it is very important to visit your dentist. Dentists can detect tooth decay, even if you do not have symptoms. They can also regularly clean your teeth, which is the best way to prevent tooth decay from developing. Finally, your dentist can quickly treat decay, even if you have braces. This will help your mouth stay healthy- during your braces treatment and beyond.

Humble, TX Dental Exams

Lonestar Dental offers dental exams and cleanings in the Houston area. If you have poor oral hygiene with braces, then we can help. You can learn more about what we do by exploring our website. You can also click the link above to schedule your cleaning online.

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