We all know the importance of flossing every day. Of course, flossing is very good for your teeth. But is it good for the planet? While traditional floss can be seen as wasteful, there are now more eco-friendly options available. But do these flosses really work? It depends on the one you try. In this article, we will help you find a natural dental floss that is good for both you and the environment. We will also tell you who should stick to traditional floss.

Why Natural Dental Floss?

Floss is made out of a variety of ingredients, including nylon and even teflon. The main idea is for companies to choose materials that are strong, yet relatively inexpensive. However, these materials aren’t always eco-friendly. Traditional floss adds to landfill waste and does not decompose very easily. This makes natural dental floss an appealing option.

Choosing a Natural Dental Floss

Most natural floss brands are made out of sustainable silk. Silk is a natural fiber that is compostable and gentle. However, it is important to purchase your natural floss from a supplier instead of trying to make it yourself. Also, don’t floss with other materials around the house as a “zero waste” option. This can be very dangerous for your teeth!

Should You Use Traditional Floss Instead?

Natural floss can be a great alternative for some people. But if traditional floss is easier or more affordable for you, then stick to purchasing it. The bottom line is that flossing is important- no matter which floss brand you use!

Is it Time For a Dental Cleaning?

While flossing is important, seeing a dentist is the only way to ensure that your teeth are as clean as they can be. Visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and professional cleaning. Your dentist will polish your teeth, check for decay, and help you smile bright! Request your next dental appointment online today.


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