Toothaches are never fun. If you have frequent pain, then you are probably used to using Orajel or similar products. But do these numbing creams actually solve the problem? The answer might surprise you. Below, we will share when you should- and shouldn’t- rely on Orajel for toothache pain.

What is Causing Your Toothache?

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Is the pain from eating or drinking something? Maybe you have something stuck in your teeth? For minor issues like this, Orajel is a great solution as it provides temporary relief. If you have a small cut or scrape in your mouth, then ask before using a pain relieving gel. This gel might work, but it might also irritate the cut and make the problem worse.

Finally, patients who have pain from a dental issue can use Orajel, but they should know that it will only mask their problem. Ask a dentist before using a pain reliever for long-term care. You will need dental work in order to permanently fix your problem.

Using Orajel For Toothache Pain

Orajel is very simple to use. Just apply directly to the sensitive spot on your gum. Be sure to follow the package’s instructions and stop using if you notice any irritation. Ask a dentist before using Orajel on children, and supervise them if they are approved for use.

Talking to a Dentist

Chronic tooth sensitivity requires a dentist’s attention. He or she will be able to help you find a pain solution. They can also check for diseases that could be making the pain worse. Your dentist will recommend both treatment and also a way to manage any lingering pain.

Ready to Learn More?

You don’t have to live with chronic toothaches. Lonestar Dental can help, whether you have tooth decay or just minor sensitivity. Our friendly staff and comfortable office make getting dental work easier than ever before. Call today to learn more.


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