Your smile is one of the initial things that gets noticed; no one wants to give a yellow-painted first impression. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about those nasty stained teeth with teeth whitening. It is a short time taking process, and results usually last long with adequate care.

They are an affordable and easy method to get your pearly whites back in action. However, teeth whitening from a dentist or in-house whitening involves using strong ingredients, which is why they last long, like a few months to up to 3 or more years, if taken care of properly. Keep on reading to learn more!

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

Here is a brief breakdown of how long professional teeth whitening last, either in-office or take-home trays.

On-site or In-office Teeth Whitening

The results of teeth whitening are most effective by a dentist in-office. The ingredients and tools they have the knowledge and expertise to use are much better and stronger than any in-store product available to take home.

Moreover, dentists can easily use multiple instruments to enhance the result of these in-office whitening solutions, which makes them long-lasting.

The actual time span depends on every individual case and the severity of the tooth stain. Usually, patients experience effects that can last for up to years.

But, if they are severe, it may take more than one round of teeth whitening sessions to get to the desired shade. Hence, the results of your initial treatment may not necessarily mean much.

Take-home teeth whitening Kits

Professional DIY teeth whitening trays allow you to control a lot better when it comes to the treatment process. Now, since the entire treatment takes place at home, do not expect the same results, and the process will take longer.

The results of in-house teeth whitening trays can last for 6 to 8 months in general. However, with adequate aftercare, they may last for a year too.

If you want to have white teeth for a long span, dentists recommend frequent use of teeth whitening trays along with dietary restrictions.

Wear the trays for the entire allotted time, and apply the right quantity of the solution. Moreover, you must steer clear of heavily dyed beverages right after the treatment.

Teeth Whitening – How Long Does It Take?

Totally depends on the type of process you are going for.

In-office whitening by the dentist is whitening done in a clinical dental setup. Your oral care expert uses stronger concentrations of a whitening formula to change the shade of your teeth in a 1-2 hour appointment.

On the other hand, at-home whitening trays by your dentist are custom-made to fit your teeth. They come with the whitening agent placed into the tray. They are recommended to be worn daily for short-time periods.

Since they have lower concentrations of whitening agents in them, it may take about 2-3 weeks to achieve the desired results.

Closing Note

There is a wide array of at-home and in-office teeth whitening products and procedures to eliminate your yellow teeth. Talk to your dentist before investing in one for the best results. Get in touch with a cosmetic dental expert from Lone Star Dental at (281) 233-0333. Find us at 3103 FM 1960 Rd. West Humble, TX 77338, right beside Pizza Hut.

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