Stress and over-exertion are very bad for ones’ wellbeing and physical and emotional stress is responsible for most major health concerns. It is unsurprising therefore, to find that stress also has some adverse effects on dental health. Here are some oral conditions caused by stress:

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD)

When you are stressed and constantly worried, you clench and grind your teeth in your sleep without realizing it. This may damage your teeth and lead to soreness of the jaw. It may also lead to TMD, a serious dental condition that is brought on by misalignment of the teeth. TMD often requires surgery to be corrected.

Gum Disease

Stress has been known to lower the immune system. This raises the risk of infection in the mouth, leading to gum diseases or worsening an existing gum infection. Gum disease is characterized by bleeding gums, gum retraction, tooth loss, and damage to the jaw bone.

Dry Mouth

Stress causes saliva to dry up in the mouth. Additionally, one of the side effects of medication used to treat depression (a condition sometimes caused by emotional stress) is dry mouth. If the mouth does not secrete enough saliva, there is an increased risk of tooth decay, mouth infection, and gum disease.

Other dental conditions caused by stress include poor dental hygiene and mouth sores. If you are struggling with stress, set up an appointment with your dentist and learn ways that you can protect your mouth.

Also, if you wake up and feel soreness in your jaw, talk to a dentist about it. While you try to slow down and ease the stress, you may need a mouth guard to keep your teeth secure while you sleep.

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