Invisalign Dentist In Humble

Invisalign Dentist In Humble. Family Dentistry 77338. Dentist in Humble TX. At Lonestar Dental, we are passionate about providing treatment for families that positively impacts oral health. Dentist in Humble TX. Family Dentistry 77338. Patients who live in or around Humble, Spring, the Woodlands, Conroe, Porter, Cleveland or Houston are welcome to join our family-friendly practice in Texas. Dentist in Humble TX. Family Dentistry 77338.

Invisalign Dentist In Humble. It is normal for patients to experience reluctance when it comes to dentistry treatments that seem extreme. When you choose Lonestar Dental as your trusted dentist in Texas, our team will take you through every procedure from initiation to recovery. Dr. Akram has perfected restorative and general dentistry techniques to deliver exceptional results that change the lives of our patients. Restorative dentistry using dental implants can significantly improve your oral health. Once a dental implant is placed, it becomes part of the mechanism that stimulates bone growth. So, rather than causing any negative effect, a dental implant actually restores function in the jawbone that stopped occurring due to a missing tooth.

Restorative dentistry is the cornerstone of our practice at Lonestar Dental. We are passionate about providing patients with a new outlook on life through a restored smile with implant surgery options. If you have damaged or missing teeth, there is no need to hide your smile when you visit Lonestar Dental for restorative dentistry. Our team is comprised of expertly trained dental professionals who understand the individual and often complex oral health issues of our patients. You will find understanding and compassion at the core of every interaction with Lonestar Staff, including Dr. Ahmad J. Akram.

Invisalign Dentist In Humble


Invisalign has revolutionized teeth straightening and aligning. These aligners are almost invisible, making them blend in with natural teeth. Invisalign is available as a treatment from Lonestar Dental for both adults and teenagers. If you have problems with crooked or crowded teeth, Invisalign may provide the ideal solution for correcting the defects in your smile.

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