Dental sealant is a thin plastic material that’s painted over the teeth to prevent tooth decay. It is applied mostly to the molar and premolars (the teeth at the extreme ends of the mouth), because of how difficult it is to clean them effectively. Sealants give the enamel added protection and they last for almost 10 years.

  1. Sealants are mostly used for children. Kids are particularly susceptible to tooth decay because of how much sweets and junk they consume. Furthermore, at that age, they can’t brush/floss as effectively as they should. Sealants provide an inexpensive way to protect their teeth.
  2. Generally, children younger than 6 years do not require sealants, unless there is a high risk of cavities. As long as the child can sit steady and keep their mouth open, sealants can be applied to their teeth.
  3. Adults with deep grooves and depressions may also use sealants to reduce their risk of tooth decay. However, it is important that they don’t have any cavities or dental fillings.
  4. The sealant application process is painless and it takes less than 45 minutes. The material is bonded to the teeth enamel and it hardens, protecting against tooth decay for the next 10 years.
  5. According to the CDC, within 2 years of application, sealants are 80% effective against cavities. Similarly, children without sealants have 3 times more dental cavities than those with sealants.

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