Pimples are also known as small papules or pustules that grow when the sebaceous glands under the skin clog up. Now, we know there is no presence of follicles or glands on the tongue, so how does a pimple grow on it? One theory is that since glands are absent on the tongue, the pimple-type structure you see and feel is actually a bump.

Not everyone has a good oral health regime and seldom pays attention to the changes in the mouth. The growth of pimples on your tongue could be something as harmless as a lie bump that usually goes away or something more serious such as cancer.

However, do not worry about it; this blog has mentioned different reasons for these tongue bump development and methods to resolve them.

What Is A Bump Or Pimple On The Tongue?

Our tongue papillae are covered with a mucous membrane surface. The taste buds in between them, often because of hasty eating, accidentally get bitten, leading to the papillae growing in size. This action is a result of inflammation. It mimics a pimple on the tongue and is very painful.

Pimple on the Tongue – Causes

Here is a list of 5 suspected reasons for bumps on the tongue appearance:

Lie bumps

Lie bumps show up in the form of either red or white pimples. A common trigger for their development is spicy foods. If you observe that the pimple-like structures on the tongue grow after eating anything hot, it is because of the food. Such bumps are termed transient lie bumps.

Canker Sores

A Canker sore is a painful white lesion encapsulated with swollen red-colored tissues. Canker sores appear as white pimples on your tongue. These pimples are of various sizes and form on the cheeks, gums, and inner lips. In some people, food is a major stimulus for canker sores.


Selective food intolerances result in a pimple popping up on the tongue. Papillae swell up because of inflammation or rashes, and breathing difficulties may accompany it. In such a situation, contact the nearby hospital for anaphylaxis treatment.

Oral Cancer

It is rare that the pimple on your tongue is not any one of the above or is a cancerous bump. The growth in such cases on the tongue is persistent and does not resolve independently. If the tongue pimple remains for more than 2 weeks, get a screening done as soon as possible.


The growth of a tongue pimple after having intercourse symbolizes an early onset of syphilis. Syphilis is a dangerous bacterial infection that spreads through bodily contact. The good news is that it responds well to antibiotics when caught early.

Treatment for Pimple Growth on the Tongue

In case of bacterial infection, antibiotics are effective. On the other hand, bumps because of any other reason are easily resolved by

  • Not eating spicy food items
  • Using salt water rinse
  • Keeping yourself hydrated
  • Staying away from triggers
  • Practice meditation for stress relief


If you have concerns regarding the tiny bumps on your tongue, head to Lonestar Dental Center at 281 233 0333

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