Regular dental exams are an important part of every child’s healthcare plan. But when it comes to your little one’s appointment, do you know what to discuss with the dentist? Coming prepared with the right questions will make you an active part of your child’s care. Ask about any specific oral concerns your child has, then ask if the following are needed for your child.

Mouthguards and/or Nightguards

Mouthguards and nightguards are simple tools that can save your child’s teeth. If your child plays a sport, a mouthguard can help to protect their mouth against impact and injuries. Nightguards can protect against tooth grinding and will also help your child get a good night’s sleep.

Baby Teeth Concerns

Issues with losing teeth are rare, but they do happen. If your child has not lost his or her first tooth by age 7, talk to a dentist. Your child might need a tooth extraction to prevent alignment problems in their permanent teeth.

Orthodontic Consultations

Every child should have an orthodontic consultation at least once. While some orthodontic problems are obvious, others will only be spotted by a professional. Visiting the orthodontist early will allow the doctor to treat problems right as they are developing, saving your child treatment time.

Pediatric Care at Lonestar Dental

At Lonestar Dental Center, we provide patients of all ages with comfortable dental care. Dr. Akram knows how to approach children in a friendly manner, making him an excellent choice for even the youngest members of your family. To schedule an appointment today, call us at 281-233-0333.

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