We all are aware that teeth are living; they can feel whatever comes in contact with them. The system of nerves and blood vessels passing through the teeth makes them alive. Eating huge bites of extremely frozen desserts causes minute toothache in many of us, it proves that teeth are alive. But what if one day, the teeth feel numb? Likewise, there is a loss of feeling and sensation, are the teeth dying?

An infected pulp and numbness 

The tooth has many layers. The outer layer is the enamel; it is the white coat on the tooth. Then you have the dentin and the pulp. The pulp is the place where the living tissues exist. It is the flesh of a tooth. Our Teeth are alive due to it. Pulp comprise of blood vessels and nerves which trigger senses in the tooth. If the infection occurs and leads to tooth decay or gum diseases, the flesh is affected. Therefore, the tooth damages and can be numb.

Don’t let the teeth die

When the teeth feel numb, it’s an indication that there is something wrong. Your teeth need treatment before it dies completely. Schedule an appointment with the dentist before it’s late. A dentist can save your dying tooth. Things might get worse if the person delays or leaves it untreated. A numb tooth is a serious consideration. Several factors are responsible for this condition.

Reasons for teeth numbness

One reason your teeth feel numb is some sough of injury has affected the blood flow, nerves, or the root of the teeth. The damage in the blood vessels flowing near the mouth area will directly affect the teeth causing numbness. Another reason is tooth decay. When the tooth decay worsens, infection rises, and the teeth may die. It has to undergo treatment immediately, as the infection can spread in the gums.


When it comes to treating a numb tooth, the dentist opts for treatment according to the patient’s dental conditions. A root canal is one option, to save the teeth. The root canal will result in a filled tooth and still used. A dentist can even opt for extraction, depending on the health of a tooth. Then after removal, the place will be filled by bridges and implants.

Thus, if you feel your teeth feel numb, consult our clinic right away. Schedule an appointment at Lonestar Dental Centre. To know more about us, call on 281-233-0333. We will be glad to help you.

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