The feel of your teeth buzzing can catch you off guard and send you into a world of worry. Do not worry; more often than not, your culprit may be excessive caffeine intake or biting into something icy cold. But sometimes, the root cause might not be as straightforward. If you are curious about this new sensation in your mouth, this blog is the perfect piece of reading for you.

Common Reasons Behind Your Teeth Buzzing

Some of the root causes include:

  1. Recent Dental Work
    If you have recently undergone dental work like getting a crown, such restorations may slightly misalign your bite. This creates pressure points that feel like buzzing sensations in your teeth. Therefore, if you feel irregularities in your bite after the numbness wears off, get in touch with your dentist to fix the problem.
  2. Teeth Biting Down Irregularly
    Accidents and traumas can be prevented, but only to a certain extent. Issues like injuries, TMJ disorders, wisdom teeth eruption, or gum disease disrupt the natural alignment of your teeth when biting down, leading to strains and unusual sensations in teeth, such as buzzing.
  3. Gingivitis or Periodontal Disease
    Gum disease presents itself with various signs, some of which are itchiness, tingling, or discomfort around the gums and teeth. In the early stages, redness and swelling along the gum line closest to the teeth is common. In case the condition is left as it is, the situation turns worse, and you develop periodontal disease. The signs get worse, and you suffer from soreness, buzzing teeth under pressure, and discomfort while brushing or flossing.
  4. Ulcers and Cold Sores
    Cold sores or ulcers in the mouth often bring along tingling sensations.
  5. Oral Care Products
    Deviations in oral hygiene regimes, like switching to a new toothpaste or mouthwash, may sometimes trigger the feeling of buzzing in teeth and gums. Other than that, allergic reactions to certain ingredients in oral care products may also contribute to this.
  6. Food Stuck Between Teeth
    Normally, there is next to no gap between your teeth. This is the main reason why, when food particles get stuck between teeth, it causes pain and alters your bite over time. It may go unnoticed for some time and cause tenderness in the gums after a few days.
  7. Sinus Inflammation and Seasonal Allergies
    Another reason your teeth may be buzzing is sinus inflammation exerting pressure on tooth roots, causing unrelated dental problems. Seasonal allergies or sinus infections exacerbate these symptoms.
  8. Teeth Grinding and Involuntary Clenching
    Excessive teeth grinding or changing is known as bruxism. It leads to soreness and tingling sensations in your gums and the teeth they support. Chronic bruxism can result in gum recession, visible tooth roots, and increased sensitivity.
  9. Tooth Shifting
    Natural tooth movement can occur in cases like losing a tooth, wisdom teeth extraction, and muscle actions from the tongue and lips. These shifts result in deviation from your bite pattern, making certain teeth bear more pressure than others.
  10. Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening
    Whitening agents temporarily make your enamel permeable, stimulating nerves within tooth surfaces. This causes the buzzing or tingling sensations during mundane activities like breathing or eating. Use of sensitivity toothpaste usage as an adjunct to whitening treatments after professional evaluation is a good step to prevent this.
  11. Brushing Teeth Too Hard
    This is perhaps the worst of your nightmares. Brushing is supposedly a good thing for your teeth. However, aggressive brushing can do more bad than good, triggering teeth sensitivity.

Closing Note

We hope this blog serves its purpose of providing details on why your teeth buzz or tingle. In case of more questions or queries, you can always get in touch with Dr. Ahmad Junaid Akram at Lonestar Dental Center to help you. Let our team take the lead and guide you toward the best possible care. Connect with us via call at (281) 233-0333 for more information on this matter.

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